Let's Get Real

Just a warning... I don't know how to write in a fancy artspeak, flimflam bullshit voice. Frankly it wouldn't be truthful to who I am or the art I'm making. 

About two years ago on a stroll through the galleries in the French Quarter of New Orleans, I said to myself - I can do this... I can paint.  And so I did. Maybe it came easily because I'd already spent a career focused on the visual art of ad making.  But whatever the reason I'm thankful to share my work.

I paint for myself. Sometimes it's absurd. Sometimes political. Sometimes simple... But always bold and expressive.  

I guess you could say I'm a Pop Artist.  A video editor at heart - my work often remixes and transforms familiar pop culture icons and images.  Often I create something because it strikes a stirring feeling deep within me. Something that can't be expressed in words, but only in paint. 

So here is my demand of you.  A clarion call for your soul. Embrace art, love it, share it, make it and buy it.

Who am I?  

The Artist JGG.